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Writing Tuition

The Extraordinary Kids after-school writing tuition provides students with the invaluable opportunity to sharpen their communication skills, foster creativity, and develop the confidence to express their unique voices effectively

Writing Tuition

In a rapidly evolving world where effective communication is paramount, the art of writing stands as a beacon of clarity and expression.

Yet, the journey towards becoming a confident writer begins with guidance, practice, and the nurturing of creative minds.

At Extraordinary Kids, the philosophy underpinning our after-school writing tuition program is grounded in two essential principles: the pursuit of clear, well-structured writing and the encouragement of creativity.

Processes: Building Blocks of Writing Excellence

Foundations of Grammar and Punctuation

The program commences with a strong focus on grammar and punctuation.

These fundamental building blocks provide students with the tools to construct grammatically sound sentences and paragraphs.

Vocabulary Expansion

To make writing truly captivating, students are guided in the expansion of their vocabulary.

They explore synonyms, antonyms, and delve into the world of idiomatic expressions to add depth to their writing.

The Power of Practice

Writing, like any craft, demands consistent practice.

The programme encourages students to write regularly, refining their skills through a variety of assignments and creative prompts.

Clear Communication

The programme places utmost importance on clarity in writing.

It teaches students that effective communication is not only about conveying ideas but also ensuring they are understood without ambiguity.

Different Styles of Writing


Recounts involve retelling personal experiences or events. Children learn to structure their writing in chronological order, use descriptive language, and convey their thoughts and emotions effectively.

Persuasive Writing

Persuasive writing teaches children how to present arguments and opinions convincingly. They develop skills in constructing persuasive essays, letters, or speeches to influence the opinions or actions of others.

Essay Writing

Essay writing introduces children to structured and organized writing. They learn to compose well-structured essays with clear introductions, body paragraphs, and conclusions. This style of writing encourages critical thinking and analysis.

Speech Writing

Speech writing focuses on crafting speeches for various occasions. Children learn how to capture the audience's attention, structure speeches effectively, and use persuasive language to deliver impactful messages.


Poetry allows children to explore creative and expressive writing. They experiment with different forms of poetry, such as rhyming poems, haikus, and free verse, to convey emotions, thoughts, and imagery through concise and artistic language.

Stories / Narrative Writing

Narrative writing involves storytelling. Children create characters, settings, and plots to craft engaging narratives. They learn to use descriptive language and narrative techniques to captivate readers.

"The ability to convey complex ideas in writing is a valuable skill that can open doors in your career."
- Unknown

"Writing is a reflection of your professionalism. Clear, concise communication can make a significant impact on your career."