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Maths Tuition

Maths depends on a child’s ability to grasp new skills and concepts and build on them in subsequent years. This is why a solid foundation, developed early, is crucial for success in Maths.

Math Tuition

At Extraordinary Kids, each student’s programme is individualised and targeted specifically at the gaps in their learning.

  • We understand the importance of revising and reinforcing basic skills, such as timetables and the four maths operations.

  • We use a variety of interesting and level-appropriate teaching materials and techniques to cater to different learning needs.

  • We have hands-on objects for students to manipulate and count with, such as beads, abacuses, paper money, fractional parts, and unit blocks.

Utilising these tools allows abstract Maths concepts to become ‘concrete’ and easier to understand and visualise. 

Maths involves the understanding and application of patterns, rules, and relationships in numbers.

Good Maths skills are fundamental to students’ critical thinking and problem-solving abilities.

There are numerous benefits to developing one’s Maths skills, both inside and outside the classroom. Maths skills support logical reasoning, analytical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity.

They are also useful for everyday situations, such as measuring when baking and cooking, determining travel times and distances, and perhaps most importantly, managing finances.

For many students, Maths is often a compulsory subject for various STEM career paths, including software development, actuarial science, medicine, engineering, and even teaching! 

We offer Maths support from Year 2 right through to High School Maths. Please fill out the Contact us form to book an assessment with us.

Developing different learning styles

Many students who have a kinesthetic learning style enjoy practising their time tables by throwing a ball back and forward with our tutors. We also encourage independent learning by allowing self-checking with calculators and activities such as the Smart Chute.

We provide clear explanations and instructions and allow students to work at their own pace, without pressure, and allow them as much time as needed on concepts that are particularly challenging for them.  

A child who is struggling to understand basic Maths concepts may develop Maths anxiety and associate it with failure, struggle, and grow to fear maths.

"...children with Maths anxiety require special attention and tutoring. This is a service proudly provided by Extraordinary Kids! "

Extraordinary Kids is well-equipped to help your child overcome any Maths anxiety, as well as further develop their skills to challenge and extend them.

Yvette Walton, Director

"Excellence in mathematics is not about innate talent; it's about dedication, practice, and the belief that you can achieve great things."
- Terence Tao