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Term 3:
22 July 2024 - Friday 27 September 2024

North Shore's After School English and Maths Tutoring Centre

Extraordinary Kids is a leading tutoring centre on Auckland's North Shore, specialising in Phonics, Reading, Writing, and Maths programmes for students aged 7-16.

Personalised English and Maths Tutoring






Extraordinary Kids is an after school Tuition centre located on the North Shore, Auckland.

We help students with Reading, Writing, Spelling, and Maths. We provide individualised instruction in a classroom environment to allow students to overcome learning blocks and achieve greater educational goals.

The learning environment is highly structured and quiet with the aim of allowing a high level of concentration and focus. 

Writing Tuition

Our focus is on clear and well-worded writing with a good use of punctuation and interesting vocabulary.

  • Students study a variety of different types of writing, including: recounts, persuasive writing, essay writing, speech writing, poetry, and stories.

  • The Extraordinary Kids tutors can help students who struggle to write, to learn to construct sentences and eventually to write paragraphs and stories.

  • We can also guide students’ handwriting and help them write more neatly. 

Reading Tuition

Extraordinary Kids uses a specialised phonics programme for Dyslexia or reading difficulties.

  • We spend a lot of time reviewing and reinforcing material to build a solid foundation.

  • This extra practice can be crucial to those who have learning blocks.

  • Our structured literacy method provides the support for your child's learning recommended by your Educational Psychologist.

Maths Tuition

At Extraordinary Kids we use hands on materials such as an abacus so younger students can visualise Maths concepts.

  • We teach a variety of new skills and give students time to practise them.

  • We revise times tables, fractions, place value, algebra, factorisation etc.

  • Everything is broken down into easy-to-follow steps and constant feedback and correction is provided.

We are able to help students through Year 2 to Year 10.

Testimonials from Parents

Independent Learning

Our objective is to cultivate self-reliant learners who are driven by their personal achievements. Each student is provided with a tailored work programme that specifically targets areas where they require additional assistance. This individualised programme is carefully designed to support their growth in those specific areas.

Personalised Tutoring

Our objective is to assist students in improving their abilities in Reading, Writing, Spelling, and Maths. We strive to deliver personalised instruction that enables students to overcome learning obstacles and attain significant educational milestones. The learning environment is well-organised and intentionally quiet, aiming to optimal focus and minimal distraction. 

Our Philosophy

In accordance with our educational philosophy, we encourage students to engage actively in their learning process. We believe it is crucial for teachers to provide thorough explanations of the material and allow students ample time to think things through and develop their skills and confidence. 

Why choose Extraordinary Kids

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How can Extraordinary Kids help your child?

Extraordinary Kids offers tuition to students who need extra help to get on track as well as those with identified learning issues or mixed abilities students.

  • Students are given clear instructions and then encouraged to work independently to practise the skills that they have learned.

  • Our teachers are constantly checking on students in our classroom to ensure that they are making progress in their learning.

  • Our teachers follow a planned pathway of learning for each student's individual needs. 

Thank You To Our Corporate Sponsor

Shorcom has for the last 3 years been generously sponsoring Extraordinary Kids. In doing so this has allowed us to operate through the pandemic and help continue serving our community.

We are very appreciative of the support of Shorcom!