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Confidence is Key

Finding your strengths and overcoming your weaknesses can probably be considered a natural part of growing up, of maturing. An employer, for example, might highly regard your warm and caring personality, while another might regard your ability to measure and cut a piece of wood far more favourably. Unfortunately, many children who feel inadequate or who suffer from a low sense of self-worth do so due to the mistakes they make at school or home. Their difficulties and failures continually act as ...

May 26, 2022

Silence is Golden?

Parents generally entrust teachers with much of the responsibility for the educational progress of the children in their care without question. Most concerned and motivated parents also recognise that the education of their children is a shared responsibility. It is not surprising then, that parents often wonder what goes on at school. Parents sometimes hear anecdotes from their children of classroom and playground incidents. They may wonder why their child is not making the progress desire...

May 17, 2022 Posts 1-2 of 2 | Page

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