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‘If I could change the world, I would make dyslexia not a thing’

Dyslexia is a devastating learning difficulty. It makes spelling, reading, and writing extremely hard. Experts believe that 10% of the population is dyslexic. I have dyslexia and one time I had to watch my teacher check all of my spelling first, I felt like I was really dumb. I would boil with anger at myself and when I got home, I would throw a tantrum. But now I take a few deep breaths and the anger goes away. 

So now imagine having dyslexia, finding it extremely hard to read a novel and not knowing how to spell most of the words in this piece of writing.  Before I knew I had dyslexia I was just wondering and wondering why I couldn’t spell. The annoying thing is that I couldn’t stop thinking about it and when I did think about it I would think I was stupid.  But the weird thing is that once I knew I had dyslexia I didn't think I was stupid, and I didn’t have to think about why spelling was so bad. 

Another thing that I find annoying about dyslexia is that so many people ask, “why is your spelling so bad”, sure it’s fine for a while but over time it feels worse and worse and then suddenly the anger just all blasts out. I feel so grateful to know that I have dyslexia because like I explained I would just think I was stupid. So I feel so sorry for the millions of people that probably don’t know they have dyslexia.

When you have dyslexia you probably have to go to a tutor. I go to Extraordinary Kids, but you have to pay per lesson and for tons of people they can’t afford that and that is another reason why dyslexia is so bad.

So, what would the world be like if no one had dyslexia and had to feel like this? I think the world would be “extraordinary”!