Individualised Tutoring

Extraordinary Kids is located on the North Shore of Auckland in Browns Bay at 41 Clyde Road. Our goal is to help students with Reading, Writing, Spelling, and Maths. We aim to provide individualised instruction to allow students to overcome learning blocks and achieve greater educational goals. The learning environment is highly structured and purposefully quiet with the aim of allowing a high level of absorption of material.

Meet the Team

  • Yvette Walton (Director) has a Masters in Education, NZ Teacher registration, and 25 years teaching experience.  Yvette has a great passion for teaching especially helping students who are struggling to succeed. Her own first hand experience as a parent with a dyslexic child helped her have a greater understanding of learning issues and how they can be overcome. Yvette started this business in 2009 and since then hundreds of students have been helped.
  • Chelsea Parker (Manager & Teacher) has a Masters in Educational and Developmental Psychology (Massey University), NZ Teacher registration, and 10 years teaching experience. Chelsea has always been working with students with a variety of learning needs, first as a tutor, then as an assessment reader/scribe/prompter, and then as a teacher. She has experience with students who require extra support because of Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Dyscalculia, Dyspraxia, ADHD, Autism, and Anxiety. Chelsea's thesis looked at the adjustment of new immigrant students into the New Zealand school system and how best to support them.
  • Dalton Silbiger (Tutor) is a recent graduate and top student at Westlake Boys. He has exceptional Maths abilities and has quickly proven himself to be a patient tutor who excels at teaching even the most complicated Maths concepts. Dalton is currently studying Social Work at the University of Auckland. 

We are all keen to be part of the team helping children learn.

All Students Welcome

All students are welcome. Some students just need explicit teaching of skills that they may have missed in the classroom; others may be struggling to understand what is being taught at school.

Our specialty area is Dyslexia and Maths learning difficulties. We use a 32 level Phonics Programme that colour codes the vowel sounds of the English language and over teach to ensure learning is retained. We aim to be good explainers of Maths and have hands on materials to help students understand Maths through tangible experience.

Extraordinary Kids can assist children who are behind in school or those needing extra encouragement to keep up. We can provide extra academic challenges or supervise projects for gifted students. There is a great deal of flexibility to create and provide the right programme for each student.

Academic monitoring is part of our goals for High School students and we can help with study skills. We are happy to help children who are learning English as a second language and may want help to increase their vocabulary and learn to write more correctly. Home-schooled children and those who have missed school due to health issues are welcome.

Yvette Walton

Yvette Walton
Find us upstairs at 41 Clyde Road, Browns Bay

Find us upstairs at 41 Clyde Road, Browns Bay
Our bright and cheerful learning centre

Our bright and cheerful learning centre

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