I was really impressed with Extraordinary Kids last week and the lovely tranquil atmosphere you provide for your students. Thank you in advance for your patience and gentle approach.

Parent 09/08/3033

We had a teacher-parent evening this Thursday.I really appreciated your help.  xxxxx got excellence endorsement with Level 1 English.  

Parent 15/06/2022

Thanks for the update, pleased to hear about her progress.

I have noticed XXX is more interest and is gaining more confidence in the subject. 
Previously she didn't want to try, now she's happy to give it a go.

She has been really enjoying tutoring

UPDATE - I had a mid-year review with the teacher and she was just blown away with XXX's improvement. She did really well in her Maths test and she loves coming here!

Parent of Year 4 Maths Student- 25/05/2022

Thank you so so so much for helping me with my work for over 2 years, that is a long time. But I hope you know that I might come back if i want to. And if you did not know low scores on my reports so that's why I came here. Then at the end of last year when i got my report I was very surprised I got a way higher score and that was because of you helping me. I am very happy that I came here. Because if I didn't, I don't know where I would be in my work.

Josh.B (started 19th of March 2018, Finished 6th of July 2021)

And in other exciting news, xxxxx's maths teacher contacted me at the end of term 2 to say that he has gone up four levels in maths and should be in the top class of maths!  We are staying with his current class as I think the combo of the right engaged teacher and support from Extraordinary Kids.


Thanks for the feedback on ---------, that is great to hear. His school report also mentioned that he is doing much better with his writing, so I think the tutoring is definitely paying off :) 

He has been doing some reading and  LOTS of writing during summer break. 😁 He enjoys writing mostly rather than reading.  Also he has been so excited for school and going back to tutoring with you, I am so happy we found you! His improvements are amazing from last year to now! Thank you so much!   

Parent of 8 year old student struggling with literacy — 10/02/2021

Thank you for all your help and thank you for helping me get a E8 on my Maths test again.

Year 9 Student  — 10/12/2020

Thank you so much for all of your amazing tutoring work with xxxx over the last couple of years.  It has been incredible to see his progress over this time.   

Parent of Year 8 student attending for help with literacy  — 10/12/2020

Just letting you know that xxx has gone up from a 2P ( he has been 2P for 2 years)to 3B in writing and has improved in his reading as well! The phonics program must be working. 

Parent of Year 6 Student — 3/11/2020

xxxx showed me the work he had started & he was really pleased at his own effort and happy to be back with you helping him.

Parent of year 11 highschool student — 06/2020

Thanks because this maths is really helping me. I got an E7, which is the second best grade you can get. 

Year 9 Student at Rangitoto College — 03/2020

My teacher says I have improved quite a lot in maths. He was looking at my test and comparing it with the one last year.

Year 8 Student at Northcross Intermediate — 03/2020

My daughter Year 4 at Oteha Valley School has been studying with Yvette for 3 months. We have seen a huge increase in confidence with her reading and were especially pleased to see her reading place signs this summer holidays.

Parent — 02/2020

She is loving it - she did so much Mathletics recently after becoming motivated at your sessions that she was the mathlete of the senior school for the week.

Mother of a year 5 student — 08/2019

Thank you so much for your help tutoring, the difference is from near bottom of the classroom to near top! It's so great to see how you teach with fun and my daughter is always so happy to go!

Father of 6 year one student — 08/2019

Hi, just thought you'd like to know that xxxxx is determined to do the maths homework you gave her and has stayed in the car to complete it. She says she loves coming to you- your maths is fun.


Just thought I’d let you know that xxxx scored a very respectable 32/47 for his recent fractions test. His teacher says that this was by far the highest score in the class (of streamed Maths). We are so pleased with his progress. Thanks so much for your hard work with him! Just fantastic!

Parent of Pinehurst Student — 13/08/2018

We have noticed that xxxx evolved a lot while working with you and we are so grateful about it. We hope that she will keep learning at home and school as good as she does with you. Hope you the very best and we are ready to strongly recommend your services

Once again, thanks.

Parent of 7 year old girl who missed a year of school and needed help with reading

Our 8 year old boy struggled with spelling and writing. He lacked confidence and became frustrated when we as parents tried to help him at home.  We did some research and found Yvette. After a few sessions with Yvette he has grown in confidence and is enjoying spelling and writing and it is no longer a chore.  He quickly built up a great rapport with you and applies himself diligently without any fuss every week.  Definitely on of the best decisions ever to take our son to Extraordinary Kids. 

Parent — 29/03/2018

I am finding maths very easy.  

Year 10 Rangitoto College student who attended Extraordinary Kids for over a year — 22/03/2018

At the start of term 3 I was a 2p for my maths. Then I started going to Yvette for help every week. At the end of term3 I did the same test and I got a 4B.

Year 8 student at Murrays Bay Intermediate — 17/10/2017

I didn't know what BEDMAS was last year. Now everybody in my maths class is copying off of me as I am the only one who can do them quickly and get them right.

Year 9 Student — 04/04/17

I have just re-assessed a student who you tutored some time ago in reading, writing and spelling and am impressed with her progress. Keep up the good work.

Chris Herbert, Speld Assessor - Educational  — 15/03/2017

I'm sure xxxx has told you about her exam results by now and I definitely think she went into these exams a lot more prepared and confident.We still have areas of concerns which need to be worked through, however in the last few weeks she has truly changed her outlook on maths.

Thank you for your hard work and persistence with xxxx, I will make sure she continues her Math work over the holidays.

Parent, regarding year 9 student after 6 sessions — 30/11/2016

I went up 4 levels for writing this year and 2 levels for reading.

Thanks for all your hard work & encouragement .

Year 8 student at Northcross Intermediate — 23rd November 2016

You are the only one who could explain short division to me. I did a whole term of short division at school but never learnt it

Year 6 Student at Northshore School — 17/11/2016

She has been doing lots of writing at home creating wonderful stories and plays. She still doesn't see when she swaps around letters but her work is definitely getting easier to read. I did need her to read it to me before she started with you as I couldn't understand it but I now can make out what she is writing. 

Parent of Year 5 student — 26/11/2016

He loves coming to see you and feels more confident in his maths and trying to even spell I have seen...You are a great teacher and have a calming affect on him . Thank You

Parent of Year 10 student at Albany Junior College — 09/2016

Thank you for booking our daughter in for next term. I can see she is so happy to do the classes with you. We were sitting at the Drs. rooms the other day, she and her sister were asking each other times tables and other maths. I was amazed when I gave K one to do and N answered it straight away and she also explained to her sister how to do it. I asked her where did you learn this? and she was so happy to tell me that it's Yvette. Thank you for helping her.

Mother of Year 7 student — 06/2016

You have been a life saver. I don't know what we would have done without you.


Thank you so much for teaching me this year. You are the best tutor and you really know how to get me focused. Now I'm not just saying this but no other tutor is better than you. If it weren't for you I wouldn't be able to do the majority of my times tables.

12 year old student

Yvette noted a weakness in retrieval of information leading us to look at some strategies for study that will help our son to organise and learn new information in the classroom. Yvette was very professional and I would recommend her.


My 13 year old gifted son is schooled at home. He has Aspergers. Yvette worked extending and challenging my son in English on a weekly basis. Yvette has a gentle and compassionate teaching style which enabled her to work extremely successfully with my son. Her passion for the topic and the wide range of resources she accessed fuelled my son's writing development in both short story and poetry format. Yvette is a very skilled and passionate teacher. I highly recommend the services she offers.

Terrie Beardsworth

xxxx's remarkable reading and writing has once again been mentioned by his classroom teacher saying the proof is in the work xxxx is producing and engaging in classroom activities because of the confidence you all have helped him gain and we are forever grateful.


At the end of last term, we received xxxxxx's half year report.  Quite noticeably, her Maths level had improved


I got the top mark in my class for the essay I wrote at Extraordinary Kids.

Year 9 Student - Westlake Boys - 11/05/2021

She's loving maths at the moment and got top 3 in a recent test for her class....am certain the classes are helping!

Parent of Year 8 MBIS - 30/03/2021

Hi Yvette, 

Just want to say thank you very much for all your hard work with xxxx her exam results are a dramatic improvement on last year and her confidence is up which is great.

Parent of Year 8 student — 01/12/2020

You have been amazing and really really helped xxxx – the difference in his confidence with writing has been so noticeable – thank you so much and we will see you before xxxx finishes to say a last goodbye.

Parents of Year 10 student — 29/08/2020

Also been meaning to email, his last English homework assignment bases on Wonder he got 100% and completed it by himself so your tutoring is clearly working. Thanks again.

Parent of Year 8 student

He was very good during lockdown at settling to his writing thanks to the wonderful work that you had been doing with him.

Caregiver of 7 year old student

Her report at the end of the year showed a really good improvement in maths! Really happy with her progress thank you.

Parent of Year 8 Student at Northcross Intermediate — 03/2020

I just want to tell you again how appreciative we are of the help you have given our son. He has gone up from level 1 to level 5 in reading since he began with you at the start of term. We are so pleased.

Father of Year 3 Student recently arrived from South Africa — 10/2019

Thank you for everything you have done to help me with my maths in Year 9. I have improved a lot ever since you have helped me. Thank you. I have gotten 2 merits and an achieved last time I have gotten 3 achieved. I just want to say thank you.

Year 9 student at Long Bay College — 03/07/2019

Hi Yvette

I spoke to xxxx last night (he was at his Dad's). He told me he loved his class yesterday!
I just wanted you to know, seen as it was his first lesson.

9 year old boy working on Literacy —  05/06/2019

Thank you so much Yvette for all your support for xxxxxx! You have been amazing! We really appreciate all you have done for him this year. Thank you again!

Parent of 8 year old student — 24/09/2018

Hi Yvette,Thanks for your email. We too are really pleased with xxxx’s progress since he has been coming to you! I think the reinforcement of math concepts, he gets with you, is just what he has needed. I have noticed his writing has improved too.

I hope I haven’t been bombarding you with extra stuff! Please let me know if I’m asking too much; it’s just such a relief to have someone who knows what they’re doing and how to teach xxxx, to go to for help.
Thanks again for all your help and getting the best out of xxxx

Parent of year 6 Pinehurst Student — 20/09/2018

Thanks Eve. We notice xxxx enjoys your class and have had lots of improvements in his writing. We really appreciate your great efforts and it's been really good to have you here.

Parents of ten year old writing student — 03/05/2018

We also had a lot of positive feedback at school recently.

You have been doing an amazing job and we all value your help!
Please continue to re enrol her.

Parent of 7 year old girl on Phonics programme — 29/03/2018

I am grateful for all the help and support you have given xxxxxx and really appreciate everything you have done for her. We will greatly miss you and recommend you to others happily as you do a fantastic job.

Parent of 7 year old child who attended for help with literacy

I only started getting excellences in math after I started tuition here. My mum said there has definitely been a big change. Dad says he likes the improvement in confidence.

Year 9 student at Westlake Girls College —  13/09/2017

My improvement this year:

I went up 2 levels in addition/subtraction. 3 levels higher in multiplication. 2 levels higher in fractions.

Year 6 student at Glamorgan Primary School —  27/10/2017

M is finally enjoying her subjects and isn't getting so worked up about exams. Her knowledge base has definitely grown along with her confidence.

Thank you for all your hard work during these months, it sure is paying off.

Parent of Year 10 Student — 29/05/2017

I think I have really improved a lot in Maths. I took an ICAN test at the start and I was really low but now the next test that I took I am in one of the highest groups.

Year 6 Student

Thanks so much for doing the assessment with E. You have definitely given me reassurance about Es learning and it's great now knowing there aren't any huge issues to address.  thx so much for your assistance, I've learnt more about Es learning in that hour with you than many years in school from her teachers!

Ethan Cordes was awarded 2nd place in a schoolwide short story writing competition at Northcote College. Congratulations Ethan !    28/02/2017

I have been here for 8 months and I have improved a lot. I was below in maths and now I'm nearly above. 

Year 8 Murrays Bay Intermediate student — 29/11/2016

Thank you very much for all your help with xxxx.

You are the first tutor, (and there have been many over the years) who she has truly connected with. That is really important to us, and it really helps her learning.

We look forward to seeing her progress next year, with your help.

Parent of Year 7 student

My son got his spelling test result age now 9.8 was 8 at beginning of year. His writing level has improved 5 sub levels as well this year which is an amazing result. Just shows what you are doing is working!


Thank you for tutoring me I have achieved lots. You are the nicest and best tutor in the world.

11 year old student who attended for 3 terms — 09/2016

Our daughter Amber began working with Yvette in year 6 as she was having trouble with her maths. Yvette has helped her to learn some strategies to understand and develop a positive attitude towards maths. After two years, Amber is now greatly improved in her maths and doing really well at school.

We appreciate the work you are doing with our daughter so much and only wish we had found you sooner.


Thanks so much. Teacher has noticed a difference in him. You are amazing.

Parent of 12 year old boy — 10/015

I heard yesterday, that xxxxxxx has improved in writing from her teachers in yesterday's interview. Its all thanks to you. Thanks a lot.

Sunny Wong

xxxx is still enjoying his tuition with you which is great. He received the principals award last term for his writing and also which was recognition of the effort he has been putting into his work lately. This is credit to you as well.

Jen D.

Thank you for teaching me stuff that I really needed help with. You are the best teacher ever. I will miss you. Love from xxxxx

Student — April 2016

Yes we will be continuing our daughter. She has gained so much in confidence and ability and loves working with you.

Parent of Year 7 student 04/2016

XXX has had a good term at writing class, and she has started to gain more confidence.  It was great to see her teacher acknowledging an improvement in her writing with an assembly award!  Great result thank you.

Parent of Year 5 Writing student - 13/04/2022 

I couldn’t help but email to let you know some really awesome feedback.

Yesterday XXX was at Maths, and she has got a big test today at school.  She took her questions into the tutors and there was a fabulous young man [Dalton] there that showed her how to do everything she was stuck on.

I’m not sure what his name is, but she was absolutely rapt to have him.  He kept going back checking she knew what she was doing after explaining really well how to solve the questions.

Just wanted to share that.

Hopefully she does well in the test today 😊

Parent of Year 9 Maths student - 11/03/2022 

XXX was so satisfied and comfortable to ask for help which is a result of how welcoming was his first assessment with Chelsea, thanks for helping me fulfil this gap with XXX.

Parent of Year 9 Maths and English student - 03/03/2022

XXX's teacher has seen tremendous improvement in XXX's attempts, confidence, and inclusion in class work and discussions. 

Grandparent of Year 8 English student — 03/03/2022

Hi Team, XXX started last week and he is super impressed and actually excited to come back to class.  Thanks so much for your guidance and support!

Thanks, appreciate your help and XXX is really looking forward to come back, he said you helped him a lot to get a good grade. Thanks again.

Parent of Year 9 maths student — 15/01/2021

Because school is so noisy it is hard for him to concentrate and do his work but here it is very quiet and he likes that. We are really seeing an improvement.

Father of 7 year old student working to improve Literacy and Maths skills — 03/2020

Our daughter, aged 6, is really enjoying her time with you and I can see a real difference in her understanding and appetite to learn. She just read nearly her whole bed time book to me....stumbled on a couple of words but brilliant.

Parent — 20/07/2017

Just wanted to let you know that xxxxx was very delighted after last Friday's learning session with you. He told me he really enjoyed learning the Roman numerals. And I can see he is showing more interest and is more confident with maths. He can confidently complete the homework you gave him. The idea of giving xxxx homework was brilliant! xxxx is also happy to do more of the Star Right maths workbook because he found them not so difficult any more. He is definitely making progress.Thank you for your great work and patience with xxxxx.

Parent of year 5 student Campbells Bay School —  19/09/2017

I can't thank you enough for all your hard work with xxx over the last year, she has gained so much more confidence then before she started and i think has lost her fear somewhat of approaching challenging questions/tests.

Parent — 28/09/2017

I don't know whether T knew when he saw you that he scored the highest grade possible in his Gloss testing maths strategies. He got an Assistant Principals award for it. 

Parent — 14/11/2017

Thanks,  I went to school last week for R's parent and student session where the kids tell/ show mum and dad some work. His teacher pointed out that often he has had some prior knowledge of a maths topic before they have begun teaching it. Your lessons have been a good boost to his maths foundation. Thank you. 

Parent — 17/09/2016

Thank you so much for all of your help with xxx, you have provided invaluable help to xxx and I am so grateful for everything you have done.

Parent — 22/09/2016

I am a year 7 student at Northcross Intermediate. I have been studying with Extraordinary Kids since the start of this year. Today I was proud to say that I have moved up 2 levels in Math and am on the Maths Ex team as well. 


Our daughter C began working with Yvette in year 5 when she was diagnosed with Dyslexia and was very behind in her reading, comprehension, spelling and writing output. Yvette made a huge effort working with C. She has made wonderful progress in all areas of her work and her confidence has grown so much. When she leaves Yvette she is beaming and shows so much pride in the work they have done together. We feel so lucky to have found Yvette as her passion and dedication has made a huge difference in C's effort in reading, writing, spelling and comprehension. Yvette was also always willing to help C with her homework with things like speeches and projects. We highly recommend her.

Parents of Year 5 student

xxxxxxx is really enjoying your maths instruction and doing much better in her year 9 maths class.

Parent — 11/2015

"Our daughter was really struggling in Year 2 and falling behind in her maths. I found Yvette very approachable and accommodating when I phoned explaining where my daughter was at. She assessed her and started our maths tutorial straight away. Yvette has helped our daughter so much that she has been put up a group in her maths and has even been awarded a maths certificate. Her confidence has grown immensely. She enjoys going once a week and when we collected her she always had a spring in her step. Thank you Yvette"

Parent of Year 2 student — 17/09/2014

I have recommended you to numerous people as you have been so great.

Parent — 11/2015

Hanna wants you to know she went well in maths and she was feeling really proud of herself, after her English exam.

Parent of Year 9 student attending Rangitoto College

Thank you so much, She really likes coming to you, you are doing a great job!

Parent of year 6 student who had just started tuition

Thank you for all your hard work.

Mother of a 6 year old student who has been attending all year — 12/2015

With all my learning disorders that I used to have when I first started, you were the only tutor that could explain things so that I could understand. I find the teachers at school are often too rushed to help because they have to teach the curriculum and have deadlines. This can get in the way of learning.

Year 9 Student (After 2 years of help, they have enrolled in extension classes at school) — 04/2016


Thank you very much for helping our son xxxxxxx with his reading.
In the two years he has thrived under your tutoring. The results speak
for themselves, he was in the lowest reading group in year 4, and at the
end of year 5, xxxxxxx is in the second best reading group out of four
groups. We highly recommend Yvette for your child, we are sad to pull
our son out but we are moving to Sydney.

Binh and David Rey — 29/10/2014


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