Teaching Philosophy

Extraordinary Kids was established in 2010 and we are pleased to be able to offer a specialised teaching programme.

Our belief is if children are enjoying learning and it is at the correct level they are much more likely to focus and become motivated. We try to make learning fun and take the stress away from being behind. As well, a positive teacher/student/parent relationship can make a huge difference as a student will work harder if they are in a comfortable environment and do not feel pressured. We think stress is very bad for learning.

A child's confidence level can very much affect the effort that they make to succeed. We aim to help kids see that they can understand and then they tend to try harder as they realise it is achievable. We make many small steps and together this becomes progress.

Yvette's own personal experience is impacted by being the parent of a Dyslexic child who after huge effort and remediation later went on to be selected to join Scholarship English in her final year of High School. Knowing what is possible for those with Dyslexia is what motivates and inspires me to offer the best possible teaching to all my students.

The environment at Extraordinary Kids is a quiet and purposeful one. It has been compared to Montessori because students are highly engaged in their learning and using materials that are hands on and can help them to fully understand better. Our aim is to take the frustration out of learning and show all students that through their commitment and hard work they will be able to reach their goals.


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